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Fastest car dismantle

A team from Espoon Ammattioppilaitos (a Finnish technical school) consisting of Tapio Heino, Aaro-Pekka Nousiainen, Sampo Vuolteenaho, Ahmed Abdirizag, Janne Spanow, Panu Natunen, Mikael Gorski, Juha Määttä, and Sami Rissanen, dismantled a five-door family saloon car in 35 minutes on 28 November 2001. The car was essentially a ‘rolling shell’ with all parts removed except for the bodywork, chassis and axles. In accordance with the rules, the entire vehicle had to be broken up into pieces small enough to pass through one of the tyres Continue reading →

Fastest hit – Finnish baseball

Sami Ahola (Finland) hit a ball at a speed of 174km/h (108.1 mph) at the Lahti Indoor Arena, Finland on 20 February 2002. Finnish sportman Lauri ” Tahko ” Pihkala created the game from European baseball 1922. The main difference is that the feeder throws the ball straight upwards, standing beside the player who hits the ball. The ball must weight: mens ball 155-165g. Womens ball 130-140g. The balls diameter has to be 21,5 – 22,5 cm. The bat can be maximum 90 cm long.

First USB prosthetic

In May 2008 Finnish computer programmer Jerry Jalava lost part of a finger in a motorcycle accident. He made a 2 gigabyte USB memory stick prosthetic for his finger, allowing him to carry his data around with him constantly. The idea came to him when doctors, having learned of his profession, joked that he should make a ‘finger drive’ for his hand.