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Largest metal nail mosaic

The largest metal nail mosaic was 8m2 (86.11 sq. feet) by Saimir Strati (Albania) and displayed at the Arbnori International Centre of Culture, Tirana, Albania on 4 September 2006. Measurements: 4m high 2m wide (13.12ft x 6.56ft) Over 300,000 metal nails used Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

Largest paint brush mosaic

The largest paint brush mosaic measures 26 m² and was achieved by mosaic artist Saimir Strati (Albania) in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2009. The mosaic was unveiled in Tirana, Albania, on 13 November 2009. The mosaic depicts Michael Jackson and was done in 28 days while touring all major cities in Albania. This is the artist’s fourth Guinness World Records achievement. The mosaic is 10 m in length and 2.6 m in height.

Largest screw artwork

The largest screw artwork contained 235,500 metal screws in an artwork depicting the poet Homer on a banknote created by Saimir Strati (Albania) in Tirana, Albania, unveiled in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 18 November 2010. The entire artwork measured 9.4 m² (101.18 ft²).