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Largest needlework

Belarus artist Alexander Kishchenko (b.1933) completed a hand-woven tapestry entitled Tapestry of the Century in 1995 that was 19 m. (62.3 ft.) tall and 14 m. (45.9 ft.) wide, with a total area of 266 sq. m. (2,863 sq. ft.).

Most sophisticated cyber weapon’s first nuclear strike

In June 2010, a new computer software “worm” called Stuxnet, described as the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever made, was publicly identified by a security company in Belarus. A German industrial company subsequently confirmed that a number of its control systems technologies that are used in the power industry and which control valves, pipelines and other industrial equipment in different facilities around the world had been affected by the worm. Stuxnet targets software called WinCC, which runs on Microsoft Windows, in very specific industrial equipment Continue reading →