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First captured narco-submarine

While semi-submersible “narco subs”, which float at or marginally below the surface of the sea, have been used by drug smugglers for about 17 years, the first, long range, fully submersible, technologically advanced “narco” submarine was seized on 2 July 2010 in a mangrove swamp near San Lorenzo, just south of the Columbian border, by Ecuadorian police authorities before its maiden voyage. Capable of carrying between 7-10 tonnes of drugs (with an estimated value of US $100 million for pure cocaine), the diesel electric submarine Continue reading →

First overland crossing of the Darien Gap

The first overland crossing of the Darien Gap was made by Richard E Bevir (UK) and Terence John Whitfield (Australia) in their Land Rover ‘La Cucaracha’ during the Trans Darien Expedition. The gap, which consists of dense jungle and obstacles such as numerous rivers, is famous for being the ‘missing’ portion of the pan-American highway that links North and South America. They departed from Chepo, Panama, on 3 February and reached Quibdo, Colombia, on 17 June 1960. They averaged 201 m (220 yd) per hour.

Largest fandango dance

The largest fandango dance consisted of 1,146 dancers and was organised by FUNDEV (Colombia) in Cereté, Cordoba, Colombia, on 30 November 2009. Fandango is a lively folk dance usually danced in couples. It is traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand-clapping.

Largest group of carol singers

The largest group of carol singers was 15,674 by CENTI (Colombia) at Simón Bolívar Park in Bogota, Colombia, on 14 December 2013. Rather than engage in a medley, the group chose to sing multiple verses of “Silent Night” in Spanish. The attempt took place as part of CENTI’s annual “Feliz Cumpleaños Jesucristo” Christmas celebration.

Largest kickboxing class

The largest kickboxing class involved 7,630 participants at an event organised by the Instituto Distrito de Recreation y Deporte (Colombia) at Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 August 2011. The class lasted 16 minutes.

Largest known drug money laundering operation

Luis Agustin Caicedo Velandia, “Don Lucho” is believed to be the leader of Colombia’s largest drug trafficking and money-laundering network. According to police, between 2005 and 2009 he laundered more than $1.5 billion (£913.6 million) with profits reaching an estimated $5 billion by 2010, too much even for his network to launder.