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Deepest underwater concert contained

The deepest concert was performed by Katie Melua (UK) and her band at 303 m (994 ft) below sea level, on Statoil’s Troll A gas rig, off the coast of Bergen, Norway, on 1 October 2006. Ms Melua performed two, 30-minute concerts to an audience of 20 oilrig workers, each of whom had won the ticket to see the performance.

Fastest cycle across Europe (North Cape to Tarifa) – individual

The fastest cycle across Europe from North Cape, Norway to Tarifa, Spain was achieved by Paul Spencer (UK) in 22 days, 11 hours and 28 minutes from 13 May to 3 June 2013. Paul started his journey in Nordkapp, (North Cape) Norway and ended in Tarifa, Spain. The countries he travelled to on his journey included Spain, France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Norway, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Fastest helicopter speed over 100 km closed circuit

Roger André Eilertsen (Norway) achieved a speed of 225.41 km/h (140 mph) over a closed circuit of 100 km (62.13 miles) in Oslo, Norway, on 13 November 2005. He piloted a Robinson RH44 rotorcraft with a take-off weight between 500 and 1,000 kg (without payload). The FAI sub-class for this record is E-1b (Helicopters: take off weight 500 to 1000 kg); General; Group 1: piston.

First advertisement in 3D made for cinema

Norwegian post-production, design and animation studio BUG created the world’s first digital three dimensional (3D) cinema advert, which premièred at the Screen Advertising Word Association (SAWA) seminar in Cannes, France on 19 June 2006. The advert, for Mitsubishi cars, was broadcast in digital 3D, which does not require the use of special glasses to produce a three dimensional effect.

First submarine to be sunk by another submerged submarine

On 9 February 1945, towards the end of World War II, HMS Venturer, a British ‘V’-class submarine, made history by sinking a German submarine (U864) while both were submerged in the North Sea west of Bergen, Norway. Venturer acquired the German submarine on her Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (ASDIC, now known as sonar), which was being used in passive mode, and tracked it for one hour and then, having ascertained the course and speed of the target, she launched 4 torpedoes. The German submarine sank Continue reading →

First use of skiing in military missions

The earliest recorded military use of skiing was at the Battle of Isen, near Oslo, Norway in 1200, when the Norwegians undertook reconnaissance on skis. Ski troops were also used in Sweden in 1452, and from the 15th through the 17th century, skis were used in warfare in Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Captain Jens Emmahausen wrote the first skiing manual for Norwegians in 1733. From 1767 there have been military ski competitions with monetary prizes. Information from Archives (e.g. 1993). Submitted for use Continue reading →