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Coldest erupting lava

The coldest erupting lava in the world is the natrocarbonatite lava of the volcano Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania that erupts at temperatures of 500-600°C (930-1,110 °F). Common basaltic lavas erupt at temperatures between 1,100 and 1,200°C (2,010-2,190 °F). Oldoinyo Lengai is the only active carbonatite volcano on Earth. The bizarre carbonatite lavas look rather like molten chocolate upon eruption. It is extremely runny and has the lowest viscosity of any lava. Upon cooling it turns white in colour.

Fastest unsupported ascent-descent of Kilimanjaro

The fastest solo unsupported ascent-descent of Mount Kilimanjaro was completed in a time of 9:21.47, by Simon Mtuy (Tanzania) on 22 Feb 2006. Mtuy started at the Umbwe entrance gate to Kilimanjaro National Park at 1,661 meters, ran up the Umbwe Route to Uhuru Peak at 5,895 meters and descended via the Mweka Route to the Mweka Gate.

Largest order of mammals used in mine clearance

In Tanzania, Africa, rats are being trained by a Dutch Non Governmental Organisation (APOPO) to sniff out landmines, having already been used successfully in Mozambique for this purpose. Out of nearly 2,000 species in the order of rodents, the Giant African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus), is the favoured animal, as it is found everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa and is resilient to most tropical diseases. They are a cost effective and efficient way of undertaking what is otherwise a highly dangerous task for human operatives. The Continue reading →

Oldest man to climb Mt Kilimanjaro

The oldest man to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is Richard Byerley (USA, b. 26 Mar 1927), who reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, aged 84 years 71 days, on 6 October 2011. The farmer from Washington, USA, began scaling the mountain on 2 October 2011 at noon through Machame Route, accompanied by his grand children, Bren, aged 24, and Annie, aged 29, who also conquered Kilimanjaro, and reached Africa’s highest peak on 6 October 2011 at 6:15 a.m.