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Cartwheels – mass participation

The most people performing cartwheels at the same time was 482, in an event organised by Gym XL Amersfoort and Nika Hoogland gymnastic club in Schothorst, Netherlands on 10 July 2009. Despite the weather conditions the event still took place as planned. The participants were of all ages and the younger children were accompanied by adults.

Fastest time to cycle 10,000 km

The fastest time to cycle 10,000 km is 22 days, 15 hours, 34 minutes and 9 seconds by Guus Moonen (Netherlands) in Oisterwijk, Netherlands, from 5 to 28 June 2010. Guus alternated between 3 different circuits around the village. All three had been measured and their precise length was confirmed.

First operational pendulum clock

The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) was among the first to observe that the steady, predictable rate of a pendulum’s swing made it ideal for use in timekeeping. The first ever fully operational clock powered by a pendulum was built in 1656 by Dutch horologist Christiaan Huygens (1629–95). Initially accurate to within a minute per day, later refinements brought this down to around 10 seconds. By the end of the century, pendulum clocks were keeping time to within 0.5 seconds per day – accurate enough Continue reading →