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Longest open saltwater SCUBA dive

The longest open saltwater SCUBA dive is 49 hr 56 min and was achieved by Sean McGahern (UK) at St George’s Bay, Malta, from 3-5 October 2013. Mr. McGahern needed to dive in water of a depth no less than 10 m (32 ft 9 in) and no part of his body or equipment could break the surface of the water at any time.

Largest wine glass

The largest wine glass measured 3.87 m (12 ft 8 in) in height and 2.04 m (6 ft 8 in) at its widest point and was created by the Kumitat Festi Esterni San Gorg Hal Qormi (Malta). It was presented and measured in Hal Qormi, Malta, on 21 April 2012. The wine glass was made from acrylic (plexi glass), just as the regular sized wine glass they used as a basis for this attempt.