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Brightest bioluminescent bay

Mosquito Bay on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, USA, contains up to 700,000 tiny dinoflagellates per gallon (4.5 litres) of water. When agitated, these microscopic organisms (Pyrodinium bahamense, ‘whirling fire’) react by flashing a blue-green light for about one-tenth of a second. The island boasts other bioluminescent bays, but Mosquito Bay is the brightest – its narrow mouth prevents the dinoflagellates from being washed out to sea, and decaying mangrove swamps provide them with plentiful food.

Deepest fish

The fish that lives at the greatest recorded depth is a species of cusk eel (family Ophidiidae) called Abyssobrotula galatheae. The 20-cm (8-in) long fish has been collected from the Puerto Rico Trench at a depth of 8,370 m (27,460 ft).

Largest tambourine / timbrel

The largest tambourine / timbrel measures 185.5 cm (6 ft 1 in) in diameter and is 36.5 cm (1ft 2 in) deep. It was created by Roberto A. Cortes Santiago (Puerto Rico) and presented and measured in Cayey, Puerto Rico, on 14 October 2010. Roberto created the timbrel between 2007 and 2008 but it was only measured for the record in 2010.

Most films seen in one year

The most films seen in one year is 1,132 and was achieved by Maggie Correa-Avilés (Puerto Rico) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010. Maggie watched 138 films in January, 190 in February, 129 in March, 126 in April, 77 May, 140 June, 109 in July, 57 August, 74 in September, 22 in October, 36 in November and 34 in December. Maggie Correa-Avilés is an attorney in Puerto Rico and has been a movie enthusiast since her early childhood. Continue reading →

Youngest Grammy nominee – solo artist

‘Miguelito’ AKA Miguel A. Valenzuela Morales (b. 5 January 1999) was aged 9 years 313 days when he was nominated and won a Latin Grammy Award for the Best Latin Album for Children entitled ‘El Heredero’ on 13 November 2008. “El Heredero” was produced by Sangre Nueva Music and WD Recods, Miguelito was also nominated for one Latin Grammy Award when he was 8 years old.