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Farthest distance static cycling in one hour – female

The farthest distance static cycling in one hour by a female is 35.3 km (21.93 miles) and was achieved by Tina Ternjak (Slovenia) at the Sports Hall Lukna in Maribor, Slovenia, on 22 May 2012. Tina also broke the Guinness World Records title for ‘Farthest distance static cycling in 12 hours – female’ at the same venue ten days earlier.

Largest parade of Alfa Romeo cars

The largest parade of Alfa Romeo cars consisted of 526 vehicles and was organized by Klub lastnikov in ljubiteljev vozil Alfa Romeo Kraški gadje (Slovenia) in Gorjansko, Slovenia, on 27 May 2012. The parade route used was over 25 km (15.53) in length, well in excess of the required 3.2 km (2 miles) minimum.

Largest quadrille dance

The largest quadrille dance was achieved by 7,244 participants at an event organised by Urska Dance Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 20 May 2011. During the last moments of the 6-minute dance, participants performed the dance while holding white umbrellas.

Largest wreath

The largest wreath measured 100.85 m (330 ft 10 in) in diameter and was created by TD Presmec Dolge Njive (Slovenia), in Volicina, Slovenia, on 1 December 2013. The wreath was made of pine, cypress and grape vine, among other components. It was then decorated with electric lights and hand-made Christmas cards from local school children. In total, the wreath’s circumference was 316.82 m (1039 ft 5 in) and weighed approximately 13.5 tonnes!

Longest wakeboard rail slide

The longest wakeboard rail slide measured 46.87 metres (153 ft 9.27 in), and was achieved by Borij Levski (Slovenia), in Ptuj, Slovenia, on 2 July 2011. This record attempt used a wakeboarding cablelift to tow the rider as opposed to a boat. This system is similar to a ski lift in design and allows much more consistent towing characteristics.

Shooting, air pistol score in 24 hours (pair)

The highest score by a pair shooting an air pistol for 24 hours is 13,454 by Robert Kranjc and Robert Ferenčak (Slovenia) in Brežice, Slovenia on 16-17 October 2004 total shots: 1450 Ave score: 9.279 Went from 10am – 10am it took place at the Aquarius bar, which was set up specifically for this event. 3 witnesses were specialists in shooting and confimed that the set up was true to the rules of the sport.