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Farthest flight by an airship

The longest ever non-stop flight by an airship, both in terms of distance and duration, was one of 6,384.5 km (3,967 miles), made by Hugo Eckener (Germany) piloting the Graf Zeppelin in November 1928. The flight lasted 71 hours and was made between Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA, and Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Farthest leaning tower

The tower with the highest degree of tilt is the bell tower of the protestant church in Suurhusen in Germany which leans with an angle of inclination of 5.1939 degrees (corresponding to 2.47 m; 8 ft 1 in) when it was measured on 17 January 2007. The tower is 25.705 m high’ The former East German town of Bad Frankenhausen says that the bell tower of its 14th century protestant church of Our Dear Ladies leans even more than its better-known rival in Pisa. Nestling Continue reading →

Fastest 5 km barefoot on ice/snow

The fastest 5 km ran while barefoot on ice or snow is 23 minutes 42.16 seconds, by Kai Martin from Guestrow (Germany), in a race held on a deep-frozen prepared snow track in the indoor ski resort “Van der Valk alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg” in Wittenburg, Germany, on 12 February 2012. The images marked as shot by Thilo Roepcke can be used free of charge for GWR-own media (book, website, Facebook, etc.). Picture credit: Tilo Roepcke – charming pictures. For external use clients have to liaise with Continue reading →