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Fastest typing on a smartphone in Spanish

The fastest typing on a smartphone in Spanish is 50.03 sec and was achieved by Jorge Guevara (Argentina) during the LG Mobile World Cup Argentina, at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 1 Dec 2010. Jorge was 1 of 8 competitors in the final of the LG Mobile World Cup Argentina, the nearest competitor was Romina Luna aged 14 who managed 1 min 02.72 sec.

First full-length cartoon

The earliest full-length feature cartoon was El Apóstol (Argentina, 1917), directed by Quirino Cristiani and produced by Federico Valle (Argentina), with a running time of 70 mins. Compiled from 58,000 drawings, it took 12 months to finish. A political satire about the then president of Argentina, Hipólito Yrigoyen, it was drawn by Quirino Cristiani and Diógenes Taborda and designed by the architect Andrés Ducaud.

Highest contemporary art gallery

The highest contemporary art gallery is The Nautilus, situated at 4,300 metres above sea level in the base camp of Plaza de Mulas, on the west face of Mount Aconcagua, Argentina. The gallery is privately owned and run by Miguel Doura, a painter who studied Fine Arts at the Escuela Prilidiano Pueyrredón (currently Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte) and has a lifelong passion for mountaineering. The art gallery, founded in 2003, is housed in a tent and exhibits about 40 of Doura’s paintings, which may Continue reading →

Largest collection of Beatles memorabilia

The largest collection of Beatles memorabilia belongs to Rodolfo Renato Vazquez (Argentina) with 7,700 different items as of August 2011. Rodolfo became a fan of the Beatles at the age of 10 when he got their ‘Rubber Soul’ record. Many items of his collection are on display in the Beatle Museum that opened in January 2011 in Buenos Aires. His collection includes magazines, books, newspapers, music sheets, posters, autographs, photographs, videos, records and CDs, promotional material, stage passes, programs, concert tickets and even life size Continue reading →

Largest collection of footballs

Roberto. A. Fuglini (Argentina) has 861 different soccer balls that he has collected since 1995. Roberto began collecting soccer balls in 1965 when he opened Dalemas, a soccer ball museum. In 1995, Dalemas was destroyed by a fire and all the balls were lost. Since 1995, he has rebuilt some of his collection.

Largest cosmic ray telescope

The largest cosmic ray telescope is the Pierre Auger Observatory, which is a vast array of some 1,600 particle detectors arranged across 3,000 km2 (1,158 m2) of western Argentina. It is designed to detect very high energy cosmic ray particles produced by supermassive black holes.

Largest human fingerprint

The most people arranged to form an image of a human fingerprint is 250 participants and achieved at an event organized by Villavicencio Argentina, at the Galileo Galilei Planetario, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 14 July 2012. All of the participants wore black shirts for the attempt. The record celebrated Villavicencio’s, ‘Dejá tu Huella, una Reserva por más Reservas,’ (‘Leave your fingerprint, one Reserve for More Reserves’) campaign. Villavicencio partnered with Banco de Bosques, (Argentina Forest Bank) and purchased one square meter of forest for Continue reading →