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Fastest package loading – unloading from a truck

The fastest package loading – uploading from a truck by a team is 16 minutes 38 seconds and was achieved by employees of Aras Cargo (Turkey) in Antalya, Turkey, on 19 April 2009. Aras is the one of biggest courier company in Turkey. The fastest package loading- uploading from a truck by a team is one of the 3 record attempts organised for Aras Cargo 30th anniversary. A team of 15 of the fastest Aras employees coming from all over Turkey was formed to attempt Continue reading →

Fastest speed for a car driven blindfolded

The fastest speed for a car driven blindfolded was 292.89 km/h (182.03 mi/h), achieved by Metin Senturk (Turkey), president of the World Handicapped Foundation, in a Ferrari F430 at Urfa airport, Urfa, Turkey, on 31 March 2010. Metin Senturk is a popular Turkish folk singer, who has had no vision in both of his eyes since the age of three. On one of the practise runs, Mr Senturk also reached a top speed of 303.62 km/h (188.7 mi/h). The airport runway measured at 4,000 m Continue reading →