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Largest game of pick up sticks

The largest game of pick up sticks is 9.10 m (29 ft 10.3 in) long and 14.5 cm (5.7 in) in diameter and was played by the pupils of St. Johns Preparatory School in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 21 July 2007. The game consisted of 30 plastic sticks (7 yellow, 7 red, 7 blue, 8 green and 1 black). A full game was played by four teams of 112 children each.

Most bee stings removed

The greatest number of bee stings sustained by any surviving human subject is 2,443 by Johannes Relleke at the Kamativi tin mine, Gwaii River, Wankie District, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) on 28 January 1962. All the stings were removed and counted. Johannes Relleke currently resides in Australia.