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Heaviest mango

The heaviest mango weighed 3.435 kg (7.57 lb) and was presented by Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan (Philippines) at the Sundayag Celebration’s Pinaka Contest in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, on 27 August 2009. The mango, of the Florida Keitt variety, measured 30.48 cm (12 in) in length, 49.53 cm (19.5 in) in circumference and 17.78 cm (7 in) in width, was harvested from a tree in Mr. and Mrs. Bodiongan’s front yard that yields an average of 100 larger-than-average mangos every season.

Largest board game tournament

The largest board game tournament consisted of 43,157 participants playing chess and was achieved by the Cebu City Sports Commission (Philippines) in Cebu, Philippines, on 22 January 2012. The record attempt started on 13 July 2012 when 750 school teachers were trained in playing chess who then went on to teach school children. From October to December 2011 classroom tournaments were held, followed by school tournaments. The top 32 players from each of the 100 schools went on to the grand finals at the Cebu Continue reading →

Largest charity walk

The largest charity walk consists of 175,509 people and was achieved by Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), at Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines, on 15 February 2014. The charity walk was organised to raise money for victims of Typhoon Yolanda. (Image via Reuters)

Largest collection of jigsaw puzzles

The largest collection of jigsaw puzzles consists of 1,028 different sets and was achieved by Georgina Gil-Lacuna (Philippines), in Tagaytay City, Philippines, on 29 November 2012. Mrs. Lacuna has been collecting puzzles for 26 years. Her largest puzzle has 18,000 pieces.

Largest colony of Geoffrey?s Rousette Fruit Bat (Rousetteus amplexicaudatus)

The Monfort Bat Colony, located in the Monfort Cave on the Samal Island in Mindanao, Philippines, is the largest colony of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat (Rousetteus amplexicaudatus)”. As per an estimate from Bat Conservation International in 2006, the population in the Monfort cave was approximately 1.8 million. In this cave, the fruit bats line the walls and ceiling at an average of 60 per square foot.

Largest fruit shortcake

The largest strawberry shortcake weighed 21,213.40 lb (9,622.23 kg) and was made by various bakers in conjunction with the Municipality of La Trinidad (Philippines) at the La Trinidad Strawberry Festival, Benguet, Philippines on 20 March 2004.

Largest human cross

The largest human cross was achieved by 13,266 participants at an event organised by the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) in Manila, Philippines, on 9 March 2011. The cross was in two colours, black and white.

Largest pipe drum ensemble

The largest pipe drum ensemble involved 1,874 participants and was achieved by Maynilad Water Services Inc. (Philippines) at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines, on 31 January 2011. The record was attempted by employees of Maynilad Water Services Inc. in a team building initiative. The 1,874 members of the ensemble played Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, playing for 5 minutes and 19 seconds in total. The ensemble played the song using a piece of water pipe and plastic paddle each.

Largest ten commandments tablet

The largest ten commandments tablet measured 152.90 m² (1645.8 ft²) and was unveiled at an event organised by Grace Galindez-Gupana and the Halleluya(Philippines), at Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Phillipines, on 12 August 2011. Grace Galindez-Gupana broke her own record.