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Largest motorcycle wedding procession

Motorcycle enthusiasts Peter Schmidl and Anna Turceková had a wedding procession of 597 motorcycles when they tied the knot in Bratislava, Slovakia, on May 6, 2000. The event coincided with the Chopper Show 2000. The majority of procession members were also attending this show.

Largest ninepin bowling tournament

The largest ninepin bowling tournament consisted of 324 participants at the Funk Galanta Ninepin Bowling Marathon 2010 in Galanta, Slovakia, from 16-19 December 2010. The tournament drew players from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The format consisted of each player bowling four turns and tallying up the aggregate scores to determine the final standings. The winner was Lubomír Bugár with a score of 611 across his four throws.

Longest career as a conductor

The longest career as a conductor is 76 years and was achieved by Viliam Karmazin (b. 23 September 1922, Slovakia), who began his career in 1936 and conducted his final concert for the ZVON choir in Sered, Slovakia, on 23 September 2012. Mr Karmazin has conducted for the ZVON choir since 1942.