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Heaviest lemon

The world’s heaviest lemon weighed 5.265 kg (11 lb 9.7 oz) on 8 January 2003 and was grown by Aharon Shemoel (Israel) on his farm in Kefar Zeitim, Israel. The lemon’s circumference was 74 cm (29 in) and 35 cm (13.7 in) high and it grew with another large lemon.

Highest death toll from mass suicide in ancient times

As reported by the historian Flavius Josephues (c.37-100), some 960 Jewish zealots committed suicide by cutting each others’ throats at Masada, Israel, in AD 73, as the palace was being beseiged by Romans. The men killed all the women and children, then drew lots to select ten men. The ten slew all the other men, then the ten drew lots to chose one man, who in turn killed the other nine. The remaining one man then fell on his own sword. In modern times, the Continue reading →

Largest Banner

The record for the largest banner is 54,451 m² (586,103.34 ft²) and was achieved by Grace Galindez-Gupana President of HalleluYAH Prophetic Global Foundation Philippines in Bar Yeuda, Massada, Israel on 23 December 2007. The record attempt was organized by Sar-El Tours.

Largest bowl of tabbouleh

The largest bowl of tabbouleh weighed 4,324 kg (9,532 lb 12 oz) and was made by Yaldy Association (Israel) at Alaayen Elementary School, in Shefa-Amr, Israel, on 13 November 2009. A team of 350 people worked for 10 hours 30 minutes to prepare the tabbouleh, which was placed in an iron bowl measuring 490 cm (16 ft) in diameter.

Largest dance class

The largest dance class was achieved by 9,223 participants in an event organised by Athena, The National Israeli council for the advancement of women in sports (Israel) in Tel Aviv’s Harbour, Tel Aviv, Israel, on 30 April 2010. The event was supported by the Israeli Minister of Sport and was aimed to promote sports between women. The dance class was performed by only women.

Largest halva

The largest halva weighed 3,811 kg (8,402 lb) and was created by Nazareth Halva Factory (Israel), in Nazareth, Israel, on 14 October 2009. The halva is 206.4 meters  (677.16 ft) in length, 46 cm (1.51 ft) wide and 3.5 cm (1.3 in) thick. The following ingredients were used in making the halva: Sugar 810 kg (1785.74 lb), Glucose and water 689 kg (1518.98 lb), cocoa 28 kg (61.73 lb), flour 2,120 kg (4673.8 lb), halva stem 137 kg (302.03 lb) and 100 kg (220.46 lb) of pistachio and pine.

Largest mezuzah

The world’s largest mezuzah parchment measured 94 cm (37 in) long and 76 cm (30 in) wide and its container measured 110 cm (43.3 in) long on 19 May 2004. It was scribed by Avraham-Hersh Borshevsky of Jerusalem, Israel. The typical height of the Hebrew inscription measures (or rather the distance from the top of one line of inscription to the top of the line of inscription below it) is 4-6mm (0.15-0.2 in), here it is 40 mm (1.5 in), with the average size of Continue reading →

Largest rocking horse

The largest rocking horse measured 7.6 m x 3.22 m x 6.10 m (24 ft 11 in x 10 ft 6 in x 20 ft) and was created by Ofer Mor (Israel) in Kadima, Israel, where it was completed on 12 September 2010. The horse is an outsized to scale replica of an existing commercially available rocking horse.

Lightest hand-held mobile phone

The lightest mobile phone is the modu, which weighs 40.1 g (1.41 oz). It is manufactured by modu ltd. (Israel) and was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on 11 February 2008. The dimensions are as follows: 72.1 mm x 37.6 mm x 7.8 mm The volume is 21.15 cubic centimetres It has a full-colour screen and 1Gb of internal memory for music & photos

Lightest Wi-Fi phone

The lightest Wi-Fi phone is the modu W, which weighs 62.7 g (2.2 oz). It is manufactured by modu Ltd. (Israel) and was measured at The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 21 September 2010. An example of the phone was submitted as evidence. It’s the same chassis as the modu-T (Lightest touch screen mobile (cell) phone, ATT ID 118869) but trades in access to 3G and GPRS in exchange for Wi-Fi. This means that it’s only capable of making phone Continue reading →