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Highest resolution 3D planetarium

The highest resolution 3D planetarium is the planetarium of the Macao Science Center, Macau, which uses 12 projectors to give an equivalent resolution of 8,000 x 8,000 pixels in 3D. The planetarium’s dome has a diameter of 15.24 m, tilted at 15 degrees and can seat 139 people. It was opened on 19 December 2009.

Largest dancing lion

The largest dancing lion measured 6.2 m (20 ft 4 in) long, 4.36 m (14 ft 3 in) high and 2.1 m (6 ft 10 in) wide and was manufactured by MGM GRAND Macau (China) for the Chinese New Year celebrations on 14 February 2010. The ‘Grand Lion’ weighed 113.3 kg (250 lb). The lion danced for 15 minutes operated by four people.