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First known hominid

In December 2000, scientists in the Kenya Palaeontology Expedition announced their discovery of 6 million-year-old fossilised remains of early human ancestors. Orrorin tugenensis walked on two legs and was about the size of an adult female chimp. At six million years old, there is a chance that O. tugenensis lived around the time that the ancestors of humans split from the ancestors of apes – this creature may well be one of the missing links between man and great ape.

Oldest person to begin primary school

The world’s oldest person to begin primary school was aged 84. Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge (Kenya) enrolled into Standard One at Kapkenduiyo Primary School, Eldoret, Kenya, on 12 January 2004. He even wore the school uniform and hoped to reach Standard Eight. On 6 April 2004 it was reported that Ng’ang’a passed his first end-of-term exams with straight A’s in English, Kiswahili and math, making him among the top five students in the class. The headmistress, Mrs Jane Obinchu (Kenya) made him a senior headboy as Continue reading →