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Largest cabbage dish

The largest cabbage dish is 1,418.3 kg (3,126 lb 13 oz) and was organised by Zoltan Gali (Serbia), in Ada, Serbia, on 2 July 2011. The dish made was ‘sarma’, which is cabbage rolls cooked in a broth. 34 chefs helped prepare the cabbage rolls for the dish under Zoltan Gali’s instruction.

Longest hair extension

The longest hair extension measured 820.29 m (2691 ft 3 in) and was achieved by Nikola Kulezic (Serbia) in Sabac, Serbia, on 26 June 2013. Nikola applied the hair extension to model Ivana Knezevic (Serbia). He used synthetic hair of different colours and shade, using the techniques of knotting, knitting, singeing and bonding.