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Fastest hearse

The fastest quarter mile in a hearse is 12.206 seconds and was achieved by Shane Hammond (Australia) on the TDRA Dragway in Tasmania, Australia, on 20 February 2010. The final number is the average of 4 runs.

Fastest morse code, sent and received

Les Edwards using morse code sent the prescribed 160 character message to Ray Carter. Ray received the message by a morse code receiver and then typed it onto a piece of paper using an old fashioned typewriter in 1 minute and 8 seconds on the set of Guinness World Records at Seven Network Studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 27 August 2005.

Fastest relay 4 x 100 m sack race

The fastest time to complete a 4 x 100 m (328 ft) sack relay race is 2 min 29.09 sec. The team members were, Andrew Rodaughan, Luke MacFarlane, Patrick Holcolmbe and James Osbourne (all Australia). The record was set at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Mernda, Victoria, Australia on 17 June 2003.