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Longest downhill race (Skiing)

The longest downhill skiing race is 25.6 km (15.91 miles) at the annual “Schlag das ASSinger” organised by the municipality of Nassfeld Hermagor (Austria). The race starts at Gartenkofel and finishes Tröpolach, Austria and was held on 30 January 2010. The winners were: Male: Armin and Roland Assinger (both Austria) 50 minutes 14.66 seconds Female: Daniela Müller (Austria) 53 minutes 19.76 seconds Team: Team Berghex 3 hours 27.31 seconds The track started at the mountain station Gartenkofel chair – slope Garnitzenalm – ascend La Perla Continue reading →

Fastest speed riding a minibob/zipflbob

The record for the fastest speed riding a zipflbob is 157.34 km/h (97.77 mph) and was achieved by Frederik Eiter (Austria) in Pitztal, Austria, on 11 April 2009. The event took place at the Pitztal Glacier at the Brunnenkogel Slope. They used a device called “Permanent Speed Check SPEEDY” sourced from the company Alge Timing. The equipment was operated by members of the “Race Centre Pitztal” who is official partner for events such as German national ski races, Austrian Championships and Junior Races Europa.

Fastest 400 m hurdles on a bicycle

The fastest 400 m hurdles on a bicycle is 44.62 seconds and was achieved by Thomas Öhler (Austria) in Linz, Austria, on 26 August 2013. To make his record attempt even tougher, Thomas decided to race against London 2012 Olympic gold medal winner for the Men’s 400m hurdles, Félix Sánchez (USA/Dominican Republic). Thomas ultimately prevailed in the race, with Sanchez clocking a time of 49.86 seconds, more than five seconds behind Thomas.