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Largest mud volcano

Azerbaijan and the region around the Caspian Sea contain nearly 400 mud volcanoes – around half the world’s total. While most mud volcanoes are small, temporary landforms, the largest in Azerbaijan, and the world, measure one kilometre (0.6 miles) across the base and reach several hundred metres in height.

Oldest offshore oil platform

Neft Daslari is an entire functioning town constructed in the Caspian Sea 55 km from the coast of Azerbaijan. Construction began in 1949 and began oil production in 1951. Construction and development continued until the town included hotels, hostels, a bakery, a power station, and a total of 7 ha of surface area, consisting of separate ‘islands’ connected by more than 200 km of trestle bridges, all supported on metal stilts. Although much of Neft Daslari has been reclaimed by the sea, its rigs still Continue reading →