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Highest standing jump

The highest standing jump onto a platform was 1.48 m (4 ft 10.27 in) by Jonas Huusom (Denmark) at Gerlev Sports Academy in Slagelse, Denmark, on 27 August 2011. From a still, standing position, Huusom leaped to the top of 37 firm judo mats stacked one upon the other.

Largest collection of ice lolly sticks

Poul Lykke Jepsen (Denmark) has 449 different ice lolly sticks that he has collected since 1988. Poul started collecting ice lolly sticks in 1988 when he ate two ice creams and realised that they had different sticks. When he got a job as a storage worker in 2001, his collection grew as a result of his company being manufacturers of ice lolly sticks. Since then, Poul has written to all of the ice lolly stick manufacturers he could find and has ones from as far a Continue reading →

Largest group of stompers

The largest Stomp performance involved 1,146 people and was achieved by the youth organisation Nordic 4H (Denmark) in Viborg, Denmark, on 28 July 2011. Nordic 4H performed a choreographed rhythmic performance using water cans, buckets and tin cans. The performance lasted for 9 minutes 23 seconds. 4H is a global youth group which promotes leadership, citizenship and life skills through experiential learning programs in 80 countries. The name ‘4H’ originates from the four personal development areas of focus for the organisation: head, heart, hands and Continue reading →

Largest handball

The largest handball measures 171 cm (5 ft 7.3 in) in diameter and was made by Select Sport A/S of Glostrup, Denmark, and measured on 13 October 2006. The ball was made of synthetic ball material and had a bladder inside.

Largest networked chess computer

On 30 January 2004, Danish Grand Master Peter Heine Nielsen played a game of chess against ChessBrain, the world’s largest networked chess computer. It consisted of 2,070 computers located in 56 countries, which simultaneously combined their processing power. The match was professionally referreed and took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and ended in a draw after 34 moves. The ChessBrain project was founded by Carlos Justiniano (USA) and Colin Frayn (UK).

Longest ambulance ride with a patient

The record for the longest ambulance ride with a patient is 3,269 km (2,031 miles) achieved by Ambulix® Fire & Rescue (DK) with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 312 Diesel ambulance from Lisbon (PT) to Copenhagen (DK) between 14 October 2004 and 16 Oct 2004. Thursday the 14. Oct at 1200 hours GMT the ambulance picked up the patient at the Hospital de St. Antonio dos Capuchos in Lisbon Capital of Portugal and drove through Spain and Paris in France, Brussels in Belgium, Cologne – Hamburg Continue reading →

Longest bread twist

The longest bread twist measured 20.7 m (67 ft 10 in) and was made by the Kroppedal Museum with the assistance of the Albertslund and Høje Taastrup scouts (all Denmark) in Taastrup, Denmark, on 16 October 2010. The record attempt was part of the museum’s food festival. The bread weighed 17.62 kg (38 lb 13 oz).