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Best-selling racing game series

In January 2009, when announcing three new Need for Speed titles for that year, the game’s publisher, EA, revealed that their ever-popular street-racing series had sold “close to 100 million” copies over the course of the 15 years since its launch. Such stratospheric sales, achieved across 40 countries, have blown away the competitors and propelled the franchise to the forefront of the racing genre. Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer”s Edition 2010

Best-selling videogame series of all time

With over 201 million copies sold, the Super Mario series is the best-selling gaming franchise in history – across all genres. While the last 28 years have seen the intrepid Mario engaging in a wide variety of activities – including role-playing, medicine and several sports – the series remains firmly rooted in the 2D platforming that first brought it success with the original Donkey Kong in 1981. Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2010

Best-selling videogame heroine

The best-selling female videogame character is Lara Croft, star of the Tomb Raider games, who has sold a total of over 28 million units since her debut in 1995. Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011 Lara has also appeared in adverts for soft drinks and cars.

Brightest asteroid

The brightest asteroid is 4Vesta (discovered on 29 March 1807). It is the only asteroid visible to the naked eye. This is due to a combination of the brightness of its surface, its size (576 km, 357.9 miles across), the brightness of its surface and the fact that it can approach Earth as as close as 177 million km (110 million miles). It can reach a maximum apparent magnitude of 5.0 as viewed from the Earth, about as bright as the faintest stars visible by Continue reading →