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Longest serving political prisoner

On 1 May 2009, Nael Barghouthi, a Palestinian national sentenced to life imprisonment, became the longest serving political prisoner ever. He began his time in prison on April 4, 1978 and has now served more than thirty-two years in an Israeli jail. The previous record was held by Said Alatabah, also a Palestinian, who was incarcerated in Israel for 31 years and 26 days. He was released August 2008.

Most artists working on the same art installation

The most artists working on the same art installation was achieved by 28,267 Taglit-Birthright Israel’s participants and supporters who contributed by sharing their fingerprints to create the artwork ‘Taglit´s Mark´, resembling the flag of Israel. The artwork was designed by Javier Gelbwaser (Israel) and displayed in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 2009. The 28,267 contributors came form 24 different countries.

Most points scored in a female professional basketball game

The most points scored in a female professional basketball game is 136 by Anat Draigor (Israel) for Hapoel Mate Yehuda against Elitzur Givat Shmuel in Mesilat Zion, Israel, on 5 April 2006 Hapoel won 158-41. 75 of her points came in the second half alone Israel Division III http://24sec.net/article.asp?index=3239 http://womensbasketballonline.com/history/timeline2000s.html

Oldest cultivated plant for food

In June 2006, researchers from Harvard University (USA) and Israel’s Bar-Ilan University reported the discovery of nine carbonised figs dated to 11,200-11,400 years old, in an early Neolithic village called Gilgal I, near Jericho, Israel. The researchers believe this particular variety could only have been cultivated with human intervention, making figs the oldest domesticated crop, and amongst the the first-known examples of agriculture. The researchers suggest the carbonised figs pre-date the cultivation of other domesticated crops such as wheat, barley and vegetables. However, evidence of Continue reading →

Smallest biological computing device

A team of scientists led by Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Istitute of Science (Israel) have adapted molecules of DNA to act as tiny molecular computing devices. Two DNA molecules and a molecule called an enzyme react together, acting as input, software, hardware, and power supply. Experiments have shown that a microlitre of salt solution, containing 3 trillion self-contained DNA computing devices can perform 66 billion operations per second, with the necessary power/fuel for the computations provided by the DNA itself as it is cleaved Continue reading →

Tallest squill

The world’s tallest squill ( Urginea maritima ) measured 2.43 m (7.97 ft)on 2 September 2002 and was grown by the Shamir family in their garden in Kochav Yair, Israel.  The typical height of a squill is 60-90 cm (2-3 ft) tall.

Most Expensive Xbox 360 Game (Second hand)

The greatest amount ever paid for a single Xbox 360 game is $2,999.00 (£1,865) achieved by Damian Fraimorice (Israel) who sold the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition to a buyer in New York, USA, on 2 February 2011. Only 1,000 copies of the Ultra Limited Edition of Dead Space were manufactured. In addition to a copy of the game, the box includes a bonus DVD, an exclusive lithograph illustrated and signed by Ben Templesmith (the artist on the Dead Space comic book), a 97 page Continue reading →