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Fastest 100 m bum walk

The fastest 100 metres bum walk is 11 min 59 sec, and was achieved by Miki Sakabe (Japan) at Fukagawa City Athletic Stadium, Hokkaido, Japan on 25 October 2009. The event was witnessed by two officials from the Association of Hokkaido Field-and-Track Events.

Fastest compressed air powered car

The fastest compressed air powered car reached a speed of 129.2 km/h (80.3 mph), achieved by the Toyota Industries Corporation Dream Car Project (Japan), at the Japan Automobile Research Institute, Shirosato Test Center, Ibaraki, Japan, on 9 September 2011. Final speed taken from a timed average from two runs. Vehicle used three compressed air cylinders powering a twin-scroll air engine.

Fastest flash mental arithmetic

Takeo Sasano (Japan) correctly added 15 sets of three-digit numbers flashed on the screen in 1.83 seconds at All Japan Soroban Championships in Yasu-shi, Shiga-ken, Japan, on 8 August 2010. The time begins when the first three-digit number is flashed on the screen and ends when the last number is flashed. The skill is in memorising these numbers then adding them. The competitor has then 5 seconds to write the answer. At Mr Sasano’s attempt, 15 numbers were flashed up in just 1.83 seconds – Continue reading →

Fastest marathon run by parent and child (mixed)

The fastest marathon run by parent and child (mixed) is 5 hr 41 min 12 sec by Masako Kataoka and her son Tetsuro Kataoka (both Japan) at the 63rd Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon in Beppu, Oita, Japan, on 2 February 2014. The Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon is sanctioned by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF). Tetsuro Kataoka completed the marathon in 2 hr 31 min 20 sec and Masako Kataoka completed it in 3 hr 9 min 52 sec.