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Fastest time to toss 20 beer kegs

The fastest time to toss 20 beer kegs over a 5 m (16 ft 4 in) high bar is 7 minutes 10 seconds and was achieved by Juha Rasanen (Finland) on the set of ‘Lo show dei record’, in Madrid, Spain, on 9 February 2008. This record is part of the GWR Italian show 2008 which was recorded in Spain.

Fewest moves to complete a Rubik’s Cube

The fewest moves used to complete a Rubik’s Cube is 22 and was achieved by Jimmy Coll (Belgium) at the Barcelona Open 2009, in Terrassa, Spain, on 24 April, 2009. The record was equalled by Istvan Kocza (Hungary) at the Czech Open 2010 held in Pardubice, Czech Republic, from 16 to 18 July 2010.

First book on draughts (checkers)

Draughts, known as checkers in North America, is believed to have originated on the French/Spanish border in the 12th century, when backgammon pieces were placed on a chess board and moved as in the well-known game of the time, alquerque. The earliest book on the game was by Antonio Torquemada of Valencia, Spain in 1547. Information from Archives (e.g. 1994). Submitted for use in Scholastic’s Modern Marvels.

First circumnavigation

The first ever circumnavigation of the world was accomplished on 8 September 1522, when the Spanish vessel Vittoria, under the command of the Spanish navigator Juan Sebastian de Elcano, reached Seville in Spain. The ship had set out from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucía, Spain, on 20 September 1519, along with four others as part of an expedition led by the Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. They rounded Cape Horn, crossed the Pacific via the Philippines, and returned to Europe after sailing around the Cape of Good Continue reading →