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Most water rockets launched in 24 hours (multiple venues)

The most water rockets launched in 24 hours at multiple venues is 2,531 and was achieved by University of Central Lancashire (UK) at venues throughout the world, on 5 July 2012. This record attempt took place to raise awareness into physics research, specifically the launch of the UCLAN -NASA HI-C Solar observing mission. The attempt took place in venues across the world from primary schools to science museums.

Ladder climbing – farthest distance in 24 hrs (team)

The farthest distance climbed on a ladder in 24 hours by a team of ten is 114.17 km (70.94 miles) and was achieved by members of the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service (Isle of Man) in Douglas, Isle of Man, from 13 to 14 July 2012. During their attempt the group also broke the 8 hour record and the individual 24 hour ladder climbing records.

Fastest mobility scooter

Colin Furze (UK) has supercharged a mobility scooter so that it can reach a top speed of 115.21 km/h (71.59 mi/h). It took Colin three months to convert the scooter, which features five gears, a 125cc motorbike engine and twin exhausts.