Deepest diving submersible currently in service

Of the submersibles currently in service, the Japanese research submarine Shinkai 6500 is capable of diving the deepest. On 11 August 1989, it reached a depth of 6,526 m (21,414 ft) in the Japan Trench off Sanriku, Japan.

The Shinkai 6500 is a state of the art three-person submersible 9.5 m (31.16 ft.) long, 2.7 m (9.9 ft.) wide and 3.2 m (10.5 ft.) high. It is owned by the Japan Marine Science & Technology Centre (JAMSTEC) and hired around the world for many different research expeditions. During one of its latests missions, in August 1999, it dived in the undersea volcano Lo´ihi, in Hawaii, US, to monitor seismic activity.