Fastest accordion player

The fastest accordion player is Liam O’Connor (Ireland) who played Tico Tico at a speed of 11.67 notes per second on the Rick O’Shea show on 2FM in Dublin, Ireland, on 8 November 2006, as part of Guinness World Records Day.
2FM – Rick O’Shea Show

Piece starts 1hr 48 minutes in, runs for 5 minutes approx.

RTE 1 – Six-One News (Main evening news)


(and if you click on the “Entire Show” link here,, and skip through to 37mins 40, there’s a teaser, which shows me clapping like a muppet!).

RTE Radio 1 – Mooney

Piece starts about 8 minutes into the programme, runs for over 12 minutes.