Fastest time to climb Burj Khalifa Tower unassisted (solo)

The fastest time to climb the Burj Khalifa tower is 6 hours 13 minutes 55 seconds and was achieved by Alain Robert (France), at the Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai, UAE, on 29 March 2011.

Alain has never climbed this building before and sought permission from Emaar properties who convinced Alain he must wear safety equipment throughout the attempt. Although this was the case, Alain used his own method of climbing which involved him using only his bare hands and rubber shoes. No special aids or extra equipment was used when climbing aside from the safety equipment. half way up the tower Alain used a pulling mechanism due to extreme weather conditions. Alain started the attempt at 6.03pm on Monday 28th and completed it at 12.17am on Tuesday 29th March.

The attempt was a part of the higher education world forum conference organised by higher colleges of Technology and education without borders which was headed by the Minister of higher education, Sheikh Nayahan Al Mubarak Nahayan. Key note speakers Tony blair and other dignitaries were in attendance during the presentation of this record.