First female to row oceans three times

US Paralympic rower Angela Madsen is the first woman to complete three ocean rows: the Atlantic east to west, with Franck Festor (France) in Row of Life, from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua, West Indies, in 66 days 23 hr 24 min between 2 December 2007 and 7 February 2008; the Indian Ocean east to west, in the eight-man Aud Eamus, from Geraldton, Western Australia, to Port Louis, Mauritius, in 58 days 15 hr 8 min between 28 April and 25 June 2009; and the Atlantic east to west, in the 16-man Big Blue, from Tarfaya, Morocco, to Barbados, West Indies, in 47 days 18 hr between 15 January and 4 March 2011.