Highest gas pipeline

The highest gas pipeline reaches a maximum height of 4,900 m 52 cm (16,077 ft 9 in) in its KP 161 when measured on 16 August 2009. It is managed by Peru LNG S.L.R. and Techint S.A.C. and covers from Chiquintirca, Ayacucho, to Pampa Melchorita (Peru).

The highest point coordinates are (S 13°18´02.1″ / W 74°35´15.9″) in the Peruvian Andes. This pipeline connects with the Peru LNG plant in Pampa Melchorita, which is the first natural natural gas liquefaction plant in South America passing over 100 kilometers of flat coastal desert and 308 kilometers of mountains and the largest infrastructure in Peru. More than 4,000 men participated in this construction.