Largest aletria

The largest aletria weighed 357 kg (787 lb 0.8 oz) in a dish measuring 8 x 2.35 m (26 ft 2.96 in x 7 ft 8.52 in) and was achieved by Milaneza (Portugal), in Porto, Portugal, on 10 December 2010. The event took place at Trindade metro station in the centre of Porto and was staged by the board of directors for Milaneza, one of Portugual’s most popular pasta brands, and the completed aletria was given away free of charge to the people of Porto. This was a charity event to raise €100,000 in donations for Porto’s oncology unit – Lige Portuguesa Contra O Canoro. All ingredients, personnel, materials (dish and scales) and the finance arrangements were provided free of charge.

Aletria is a traditional Christmas dessert more commonly eaten in Northern Portugal. In addition to the traditional recipe of aletria pasta, milk, butter, sugar, eggs and cinnamon, the recipe included lemon and salt to flavour the milk. It was created by 20 cooks, led by 1 overall chef, in 10 separate pots in order to create it retains quality and flavour. Once cooked, each pot of aletria was placed on a specially constructed metal plate with six digital weighing sensors underneath, this was created by Marques. The cinnamon topping was added using a pre-cut pattern in a traditional filigree design.