Largest can pyramid – 30 mins

The Malaysia Can team, consisting of students from the INTI College Subang Jaya, constructed a pyramid consisting of 9,455 empty aluminum beverage cans in 24 minutes on September 23, 2000, at the Midvalley Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur. The pyramid had a square base of 30 x 30 cans, measuring 1.98 x 1.98 meters (6.5 x 6.5 ft.).

The key to breaking this world record was preparation, according to the organizers. Two months before the event the team members met up twice per week for three-hour training sessions, and in the final month this was increased to five 2-hour meetings per week, at which they worked on their physical strength, stamina, can placement and can feeding. After considering various construction strategies, a five-phase plan was devised in which different members of the team were designated either stackers, feeders or movers, according to which phase of the plan they had reached. By the third phase, when the structure was 20 cans high, scaffolding was needed for stacking the top layers. When complete, the pyramid had 30 layers of cans reaching a height of 3.36 meters (11.02 ft.). SIZE=2