Largest collection of posters

There are 587 stone lithograph magic posters on display within the collection belonging to Norm and Lupe Nielsen (both USA). The collection, which today consists of approxinately 2,000 contemporary and vintage posters began in 1991, with two Fu Manch posters that were in pieces, out of which was made one to frame. Within the collection are 34 Houdini posters, 14 of which are coloured lithographs (four are 3-sheets and two are 8-sheets).

As of 12 March 2005,  those vintage posters on diplay included:-
18     Window Cards
3       Very Old Prints (19th century)
141   Panels
36     1/4-sheet Posters
199   1/2-sheet Posters
117   1-sheet Posters
10     2-sheet Posters
43     3-sheet Posters
3       6-sheet Posters
16     8-sheet Posters
1       9-sheet Poster

One of his favourite posters in his collection is a full length portrait of Kellar (3-sheet). To reproduce one today, using the lithograph methods,  would cost around US$150,000 (£77,800).