Largest meatball

The largest meatball weighs 503.71 kg (1110 lb 7.84 oz), has a diameter of 1.38 m (4 ft 6.50 in) and was prepared by the Columbus Italian Club (USA), during the St. John’s Italian Festival, in Columbus, Ohio, USA, between 5 and 8 October 2011.

This attempt was organized by the CIC (Columbus Italian Club) (USA), which has over 300 members. During the attempt only seven members of this association handled the meat before it was cooked. These participants were: Fred Muccio, Mike DiCarlo, Jim Vergalitto, Bill Maselli, Rick Willimott, Chuck Nance and Joe Gigliotti. The meat and spices were mixed in batches of 50 lb at the Mr. Meatball kitchen owned by Phil Gulatta. It was then refrigerated and transported to another location to be packed into a pod-like vessel and cooked in an oven the CIC had made themselves. The temperature in the heart of the meatball was monitored before and during the cooking process to ensure it was approved by the health and safety officials. There is also proof that the vessel was weighed along with all the equipment that would eventually be on the scale when the meatball was weighed in its entirety. The weight of the vessel and the equipment was 92.5 kg. Media were present throughout the festival to document the final weight and tasting of the meatball.