Longest Arctic unsupported snow kiting expedition

The longest Arctic unsupported snow-kiting expedition was the 3,120 km (1,938.67 miles) straight line vertical crossing of the Greenland ice cap achieved by UAE-based adventurer Adrian Hayes (UK) and adventurers Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe (both Canada), which took 67 days from 20 May to 25 July 2009.

The expedition was unsupported: the team travelled this distance carrying all their supplies with them, with no outside help or assistance for the entire duration of the expedition. The team used kites to travel the vast majority of the distance travelled, with approximately 10 days travel used by skiing and hauling sleds when there was no wind.
The record is based on straight line distance, not time. Straight line distance is the normal method by which distances are calculated on polar expeditions. The team’s actual distance travelled (considering deviations and tacking whilst using kites) was 4,260 km (2,647.04).

Expedition summary:
Duration: 67 days
3120 km straight line distance
4160.2 kms total distance
Start date: 20 May 2009
Start (Southern most, ie Atlantic Ocean) point : 610100 N, 464430W
Midway date: 3 July 2009
Midway (Northern most, ie Arctic Ocean) point : 821348N, 395754W
Finish date: 25 July 2009
Finish (Baffin Sea) point: 774205N, 692726W