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Largest bag of cookies

The record for the largest bag of cookies is 3200 kg (7054 lb) and was achieved by the Juniorchamber Veenendaal-Rijnvallei in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, on 19 November 2005. Length: 5.5 m, width: 2.0 m, height: 3.0 m, filled with 207.860 Bart Foundation cookies. More than 220 volunteers participated in the record attempt and put over 3600 hours of work in the largest bag of cookies. €41.500 was raised for the Bart Foundation which supports people with a severe disease to achieve their ambitions.

Largest baton, conductor’s

The largest conductor’s baton measured 4.25 m (13 ft 11 in) and was manufactured by the Harmonie Amicitia Roggel (Netherlands). The baton was used by conductor Bas Clabbers (Netherlands) during a concert in Heythuysen, Netherlands, on 30 October 2010. The original baton was 45.2 cm (1 ft 5 in) long.

Largest beer tasting

The largest Beer tasting is 392 and was achieved by Smaakvol Gelderland 2014 (Netherlands), in Arnhem, Netherlands, on 29 August 2014. The participants tasted 3 beers: 1. De Koninck by brewery De Koninck; 2. Bacchus Kriek by brewery Van Honsebrouck; 3. Delirium Hivernum by brewery Huyghe. The beers were tasted under the guidance of Wolter de Bes. There were 8 people to ‘pull’ the beers from kegs into jugs and then 10 pourers to distribute the beers into glasses.

Largest bowl of soup

DENK Communicatie (Netherlands) prepared a 26,658 litres (5,863.94 UK gal; 7,042.3 US gal) vegetable soup in Poeldijk, Netherlands, on 16 May 2009. The ingredients include 17,500 litres (3,849.46 UK gal; 4,623.01 US gal) water, 7,440 kg (16, 402 lb)tomatoes, 1,250 kg (2,755 lb) cucumbers, 450 kg (992 lb) bell peppers, 3.5 kg (7 lb) parsley, 2,503 pieces of garlic, 125 kg (275 lb) tomato paste, 325 kg (716 lb) salt, 3.5 kg (7 lb) pepper, 48 litres (10.56 UK gal; 12.68 US gal)of olive oil and Continue reading →

Largest collection of bookmarks

The largest collection of bookmarks belongs to Frank Divendal (Netherlands) with 103,009 different bookmarks from all over the world, as of 8 February 2010, which he has been collecting since 1982. Frank has a well organised system to store his book marks. He first sorts them by country, then within a country he separates them into themes, such as bookshops, libraries, tourism etc. Although he collects all types of bookmarks, his favourites are the ones made of paper.