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Largest collection of shoe horns

Martien Tuithof (Netherlands) has a collection of 1,594 shoehorns that he has amassed since 1977. Martien’s collection is housed in the Zijper museum, Schagerbrug, The Netherlands. Martien began collecting shoehorns when he realised that there were so many different types to collect. At the time he had just three, but his interest led him to finding books about these and soon found that they could be made from a number of different materials including wood, leather, ivory, plastic and different kinds of metal. Despite these Continue reading →

Largest collection of snails

A.G.Straver (Netherlands) has a collection of 457 items relating to snails that he has amassed since 1995. His collection began because he lives in a small village where many people have the same name, therefore each famly is given a nickname – his wife’s family name was ‘the snail’. In 1993 he bought his wife a ceramic snail as a birthday gift and it was from there that he decided to start his own collection.

Largest collection of tribal and ethnic footwear

The record for the largest collection of tribal and ethnic footwear belongs to William (Boy) Habraken (The Netherlands), with 2,322 different pairs of footwear originating from 155 countries, which he has been collecting since 1968. William’s collection, which consists of shoes, boots, sandals, moccasins, clogs and slippers dating back to the 10th century B.C., is housed in a private museum in Holland and displayed in 39 glass cabinets. From January 2007, his collection will be permanently displayed in the “Shoes or no Shoes” Museum in Continue reading →

Largest croquette

The largest croquette weighed 225.8 kg (497 lb) and was made by Cherish and Van Dobben (both Netherlands) in Oostzaan, Netherlands on 27 October 2007. The croquette measured 143 cm (4 ft 8 in) in length and 47.3 cm (1 ft 6 in) in diameter.

Largest flower auction

The world’s largest flower auction and flower market is Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer (VBA) in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Every weekday approximately 19 million flowers and 2 million plants of over 12,000 varieties are sold with a daily turnover of €6 million ($7.2 million, £4 million). The total area of the building covers 999,000 m² (10 million ft²) which is equal to 165 soccer fields. The VBA has a network of 7,000 growers who provide the plants/flowers and almost 1,400 buyers who export them. Approximately 85% of the Continue reading →

Largest flood defence project

The Delta Works, off the coast of Holland, are a huge series of dams, locks, sluices, storm surge barriers and dykes designed to protect low-lying areas of the country from the sea. Construction began in 1950 and ended in 1997 with the completion of the Maeslantkering and the Hartelkering barriers. The Delta Works contain some 16,495 km (10,250 miles) of dykes and around 300 separate structures. The largest signal component is the Oosterscheldedam, which is the largest single tidal barrier in the world, at 9km Continue reading →

Largest floating crane ship

The world’s largest floating crane ship is Thialf, a 201.6 m (661.4 ft) long semi-submersible barge with a lifting capacity of 14,200 tonnes (31.3 million lb). Thialf is operated by Heerema Marine Contractors of the Netherlands. Thialf carries two 95 m (311 ft) tall cranes which are capable of lifting objects in tandem (the lifting capacity quoted above is for such lifts). Essentially a colossal square sea-going barge, the lower section of Thialf’s hull can be flooded, increasing its draught (i.e. causing it to float Continue reading →

Largest fresh flower mural

The largest flower mural, using 770,000 fresh dahlias, measured 1,868.94 m² (20,117ft²) and was created on 7 August 2001 by 1,250 people representing 16 neighbourhoods from the Dahlia Record Committee in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands. The mural used 770,000 fresh dahlias which were glued on 900 individual panels. The panels were then all placed next to each other in a large square to make one continuous image. The mural was 6.03 m (19.78 ft) tall and 309.94 m (1,016.86 ft) long.