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First hybrid of a camel x llama

On 14 January 1998, at the Camel Reproduction Center (CRC) situated in the Arabian desert within Dubai, UAE, a long-term project headed by chief scientific officer Dr Julian A. (Lulu) Skidmore (UK) finally came to fruition with the birth of Rama, the world’s first hybrid of camel and llama, known as a cama. Rama was a male specimem, and both of his progenitor species belong to the camel family, but could never have encountered one another in the wild. This is because his father was Continue reading →

Greatest prize money for horse racing

The richest single day’s racing is for a total of $26.25 million (£17.62 million) for the Dubai World Cup meeting at the Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 27 March 2010. These eight races include the world’s richest race, the Dubai World Cup, with $10 million (£6.71 million) in prize money (Record ID 44976)

Heaviest coin-like medallion

The largest coin- like medallion has the dimensions of 1m (39.37 In) diameter, 2.3 cm (0.9 In) thick and it weighed 185.88 kg (409.8 lb). The coin-like medallion was made by Damas jewellery (UAE) to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum Medical Science award in Dubai, UAE on 15 December 2008. The coin-like medallion has a value of 1million AED ($272,257) and was made of fine silver and gold plated with 22 carat gold.

Highest residential apartments

The Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, developed by Emaar Properties and officially opened in Dubai, UAE, on 4 January 2010, has the highest residential floor at 385 m (1,263 ft). The Burj Khalifa, designed by Chicago-based architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, is 828 m (2,716 ft 6 in) high. The Khalifa Tower is a mixture of hotel, residential and corporate space. Floors 77–108 are residential.

Highest sword throw

The highest sword throw was 21.275 m (69 ft 9 in) and was achieved by Hazza Sulaiman Al Shehhi at Fujairah Fort, as part of the Fujairah Crown Prince Award and Al Saif traditional sword competition at Fujairah Fort, Fujairah, UAE, on 26 November 2010. Hazza Sulaiman al Shehhi is 18 years of age and had initially entered the Al Saif traditional swords competition which had been initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad, the Crown Prince of Fujairah. After being eliminated in the final round Continue reading →

Largest automated parking facility

The Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai, UAE, has an automated parking facility that can store 1,191 cars and occupies a net internal area of 27,606.14 m² (297,150 ft²). The modular parking system is capable of multiple, simultaneous rapid pallet movements and is programmed to control a peak capacity of 360 cars per hour. The facility was completed on 26 June 2011. The Automated Vehicle Stacker is split over nine floors, occupying a section each of basement levels 4 to 1, ground floor and podium levels Continue reading →

Largest awareness ribbon made of flowers

The largest awareness ribbon made of flowers was 28.71 m (94 ft 2 in) long and 19.68 m (64 ft 6 in) wide and was made of 105,000 pink carnations. Unveiled on 16 November 2007, in Dubai, UAE, it was created on behalf of the Dubai Healthcare City to raise awareness for breast cancer research. Adjudicated by Marco. The ribbon is inscribed a 32 x 25 m ellipse. If the ribbon was unfodled it would be 60 m long.