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Deepest geothermal hot spring measured by a plumb line

The deepest geothermal hot spring measured by a plumb line is 305.41 m (1,002 ft), and is located at The Springs Resort and Spa (USA) in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA. The spring was measured on 20 August 2011. The spring was measured by a hydrologist from Basin Engineering in Durango, Colorado. The actual depth of the spring is unknown, as the plumb line measured a maximum depth of 1,002 ft, and it ran out before hitting the bottom of the spring.

Deepest oil well

The Deepwater Horizon semi-submersible drilling rig, whilst operating in the Tiber oil field in the Gulf of Mexico achieved a drilling vertical depth of 10,062 m. This was accomplished working in water which was 1,259 m deep.

English National Championships (Tiddlywinks)

Larry Kahn (USA) has won the English Tiddlywinks Association’s (ETwA) National Championships singles title a record eight times, between 1984 and 2010. Jonathan Mapley (UK) has won the ETwA’s National Championships pairs title an unprecedented nine times, between 1972 and 2000. Note from Patrick Barrie: ETwA (English Tiddlywinks Association) and NATwA (North American Tiddlywinks Association) host the “major” tiddlywinks tournaments (as defined by the International Federations of Tiddlywinks Associations). Tiddlywinks may be played as a “singles” game or as a “pairs” game (much like tennis Continue reading →