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Farthest distance by hand-cranked cycle in 24 hours (male)

The greatest distance covered on a hand-cranked cycle in 24 hours is 649.85 km (403.80 miles) and was achieved by Thomas Lange (Germany) during the Bike Sebring 12/24 Hours, Sebring, Florida, USA from 14-15 February 2009. This broke the previous record set by Keane West (USA) at last year’s race. In fact it was his world record achievement that drew attention to the race and attracted competitors from across the United States and the world. Keane West finished second to Thomas Lange this year but Continue reading →

Farthest distance static cycling in 24 hours by a team – male

The record for the longest distance on static cycles in 24 hours is 1,335.5 km (829.84 miles) and was achieved by the New York Sports Clubs/Cadence Cycling Team consisting of Tucker Brown, Chad Butts, Holden Comeau, Mikael Hanson, Thomas Wood (all USA) and Stefan Kusurelis (Germany) during Saints & Spinners – The 24-Hour Spin Party and Benefit at Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA, on 19 January 2008.

Farthest distance to move a bridge

London Bridge, unable to handle increasing volumes of traffic, was auctioned in 1962 to Robert McCulloch (USA) for $2,460,000 (£876,000). It was dismantled and moved brick-by-brick to Lake Havasu City, Arizona (USA) where it was reassembled and opened in 1971. The bridge was moved a total of 8,530 km (5,300 miles). There is an apocryphal story that McCulloch had bought the wrong bridge, and that he thought he was buying Tower Bridge. McCulloch ardently denies the story – the bridge was sold by the City Continue reading →

Farthest distance to fire a pumpkin

The farthest distance to fire a pumpkin is 1,690.24 m ( 5,545.43 ft) and was achieved by Ralph J. Eschborn II, Alex C. Eschborn, Eric J. Eschborn, Pete Hill, Stefan Hill, John Piel, Verne Weidman, Don Brill, and Harry Harding (all USA) using their “Big 10 Inch” air cannon in Moab, Utah, USA, on 9 Sep 2010.