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Most blood glucose tests taken in 24 hours

The most blood glucose tests taken in 24 hours is 8,600 and was achieved by the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (Egypt) at the Mall of Arabia in Cairo, Egypt, on 6 December 2013. The event was supervised by the Andalusia Hospitals and the National Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute.

Rowing (team – men) – distance in 24 hours

The greatest distance rowed in 24 hours (upstream and downstream) is 295.2 km (183.4 miles) by Ansgar John Brenninkmeijer, Gert Jan Keizer, Oscar Dinkelaar, Jacques Klok, Jeroen van Renesse, Hans-Jan Rijbering (all Netherlands) on the Amstel river, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 14-15 June 2013. All six participants are members of the Royal Amsterdam Rowing and Sailing Club ‘De Hoop’.

Most powerful trebuchet (with projectile weight 20 kg and over)

The most powerful trebuchet with projectile weight 20 kg and over threw a 1968 VW Beetle car weighing 766 kg (1,688 lb 11.84 oz) a distance of 76.94 m (252 ft 5 in) creating a power output of 58,936 kg.m (426,285 lb.ft). It was built by Nova FM – Partridge (Australia) in Granville, New South Wales, Australia on 5 August 2011. The trebuchet was of a whip or chain type and utilised a 20 metric tonnes (22.05 Imperial tons) counterweight to propel the VW Beetle. Continue reading →

Most pubs visited in 24 hours by a team

The most pubs visited in 24 hours is 250 and was achieved by a team of 13 organised by Chris Solarz and Ivan Wanat (both USA) in New York, New York, USA, from 3-4 September 2011. The team members who took part were: Chris Solarz, Ivan Wanat, Matt Bockelman, Eric Bockelman, Brent Bockelman, Dalmau Reig, Wesley Erdelack, Michael Rasiej, Francis Laros, Steve McLaughlin, Rickey Gawley, Roger Wu and Bea Reig. The attempt began at 8:44 am on Saturday and ended at 12:44 am on Sunday.

Greatest distance by canoe (kayak) – 24 hours (flowing water) – Female

The greatest distance paddled in 24 hours on flowing water in a kayak by a woman is 371.92 km (231.1 miles) and was achieved by Robyn Benincasa (USA) paddling down the Yukon River, Yukon, Canada, on 25-26 June 2011. Robyn began and ended her 24-hour attempt at 8:37 am. She started her attempt at the end of Lake Laberge and ended her attempt near Fort Selkirk. She attempted and broke this record on the same day as Carter Johnson, the current male record holder for Continue reading →

Karting – greatest distance in 24 hrs outdoors (individual)

The greatest distance by kart in 24 hrs outdoors is 1,696.8 km (1054.34 miles) achieved by Howard Kayman (UK) at the Teeside Autodrome, Middlesbrough, UK, on 27-28 August 2010. Howard took part in the 24 hr ‘Help for Heroes’ fundraising challenge in 2010 and is planning to also challenge other prominent racers from the US and UK for the 48 hour record attempt.

Greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours (individual)

The longest distance riding a motorcycle in 24 hours is 3,249.9 km (2,019.4 miles) and was achieved by L. Russell “Rusty” Vaughn (USA) at the Continental Tire Test Track, Uvalde, Texas, USA, between 9 and 10 August 2011. Mr. Vaughn used his own personal 2010 Harley-Davidson FLHTK Electra-Glide Limited for the attempt and completed 238 laps of the test track.