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First use of balloons in warfare

Military balloons were first used by the French at the Battle of Fleurus in 1794 for successful reconnaissance observations of their enemy, Austria, when ‘L’Entreprenant’ was used by French Revolutionary troops to watch the movements of the enemy. This was after France’s declaration of war on Austria in April 1792, during the French Revolutionary Wars of 1792–1801. These reconnaissance missions were key to in helping the French ultimately win their war with Austria.

Highest hairstyle

The Highest hairstyle is 2.66 m (8.73 ft) and was achieved by several hairdressers in an event organised by KLIPP unser Frisör in Wels, Austria, on 21 June 2009. The attempt was made with real and fake hair.

Largest advertising hoarding

The largest advertising hoarding measures 436,250 m². It was produced by Betfair, using plants such as mustard, poppies and marigolds to create the slogan “No.1 for football and still growing!”. It was completed on 1 June 2008. The sides of the advertisement measured 1,355.1 m (4445 ft 7 in) 1,340.9 m (4396 ft 4 in), 334.6 m (1095 ft 10 in) and 313 m (1026 ft 11 in).

Largest ashtray

The largest ashtray measured 50 cm (19.6 in) in diameter and had a circumference of 162 cm (5 ft 4 in). The ashtray was made by Hans Fankhauser (Austria) in Ginzling, Austria, in August 2006. The ashtray was made from Austrian Maple.

Largest candy mosaic

The largest candy mosaic measures 130,83 m² (1,399 ft² 44 in²) and was created by Varena Betriebs GmbH and Haribo GmbH (all Austria) in Vöcklabruck, Austria, on 25 August 2012. The mosaic consisted of more than 1,000,000 Haribo sweets.