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Largest dirndl dress

The largest dirndl dress measures 4.9 m (16 ft) in length and 3.8 m (12.4 ft) in width. With a waist measurement of 2.7 m (8.8 ft) long and a hip measurement of 3.8 m (12.4 ft), it is also known as a ‘Blaudruckdirndl’ and was presented and measured by GDL-Handels- und Dienstleistungs GmbH in Bad Ischl, Austria, on 17 July 2010. Shoulder height of the construction was 5.5 m (18 ft). The dress was called ‘Salina 5500’ and was measured by a professional surveyor Continue reading →

Largest dome igloo (snow)

The largest snow igloo has an internal diameter of 12.1 m (39 ft 8 in) , an internal height of 8.1 m and was built by the TV team of Pro 7 Galileo (Germany) led by TV reporter Funda Vanroy (Germany), in Kühtai, Tyrol, Austria, as verified on 7 February 2011. The igloo was built with the aid of a large inflated balloon, which was covered completely with snow. After the completion of the igloo, the balloon was left inside the construction for a few Continue reading →

Largest functioning plane

The world’s largest functioning traditional plane weighs 2.5 tonnes and measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 2 m (21.3 x11.4 x 6.5 ft). It was constructed by joiner Johannes Fellner (Austria) and tested on 24 May 2003 in Vienna, Austria, when 16 men moved the plane and successfully shaved a wooden splint from a wooden plank.

Largest horseshoe

The largest handforged horseshoe measures 56 cm (1 ft 10 in) height, 61.5 cm (2 ft) width and was created by six clients and two employees of Caritas Tagesstätte Krumbach (all Austria) at the international blacksmith festival FERRACULUM 2008 in Ybbsitz, Austria, on 21 June 2008. The piece of flatsteel used for the attempt was 60mm (2 in) by 20 mm (1 in) with a length of 1350mm (4 ft 5 in).

Largest kaiserschmarrn

The largest kaiserschmarrn weighed 119.05 kg (262 lb 7 oz) and was made by Wolfgang Fritz for Stadt Wien Marketing GmbH (both Austria) during the event Vienna Recordia in Vienna, Austria, on 27 September 2009. Kaiserschmarrn is a popular Austrian dessert made from caramelised pancakes.

Largest Lederhosen

The largest Lederhosen are 9.02 m (29 ft 7 in) long and 4.51 m (14 feet 9.5 in) wide at the waist, which were made by Gerhard Ritsch (Austria), and measured at Gerberei Ritsch, Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria, on 7 March 2014.