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Largest litter bin

The largest litter bin measured 7.13 m (23 ft 4 in) tall and 4.76 m (15 ft 7 in) in diameter and was achieved by Realizar Impact Marketing and Modelo (Portugal) at the Parque da Bela Vista, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 20 June 2009. The litter bin was made of aluminium. The bin was made to promote recycling and to encourage people to recycle more. It was divided into four sections with each section for a different material (paper, plastic, glass, cans). The record was Continue reading →

Largest omelette

The largest omelette weighed 6.466 tonnes (14,225 lb 6 oz) and was achieved by the Câmara Municipal de Ferreira do Zêzere (Ferreira do Zêzere City Council, Portugal) in Santarém, Portugal, on 11 August 2012. It took a team of 55 people 6 hours to make this omelette, all led by a head chef, Pedro Mendes. A 4,290-kg pan was used, with a 10.3-metre diameter. In kilograms, the weight of the omelette totalled 6,466 kgs. For this attempt, the omelette used 145,000 eggs, 880 lbs of Continue reading →

Largest patchwork quilt

The world’s largest patchwork quilt measured 25,100 sq. m (270,174 sq.ft) and is called Manta da Cultura (Patchwork for Culture). The project was carried out by Realizar – Eventos Especiais, Lda of Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal and completed on 18 June 2000. It measured 200m by 170 m.

Largest picnic

The largest picnic was set by 22,232 people and was organized by Realizar Impact Marketing and Modelo (Portugal), at the Parque da Bela Vista, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 20 June 2009. Participants from all around Portugal came to attend and set this record. 400 buses were organised to bring all the participants to the park were the record attempt took place. Participants were first counted at the gate, and later on arm bands with numbers were given to every one who was participating to confirm Continue reading →

Largest serving of snails

The largest serving of snails weighed 1,111Kg (2,449 lb) and was achieved by the Câmara Municipal de Loures (Loures City Council) in Portugal, on 11 July 2009. A specially designed pot measuring 3 metres (9 ft 10 in) in diameter and 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) in depth was created for the attempt, it included a scaled lid and needed six gas fires to heat it up.

Largest stage, temporary

The largest temporary stage was 7,276 m² (78,318 ft²) and was built by Realizar Impact Marketing on the occasion of the Ceremony of the New Seven Wonders of the World, at the Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, Portugal on 7 July 2007. Inlcuding the surrounding area, the stage covered 8,423 sq m. Realizar is the holder of many other different records in Portugal.

Longest chain of reef knots

In five minutes, 224 participants tied 8,841 reef knots resulting in a chain measuring 7,848 m (25,748 ft) long for an event organised by Agrupamento 626 – Corpo Nacional de Escutas (Portugal) at the National Stadium, Linda-a-Velha, Portugal on 14 April 2007.

Longest loaf of bread

The record for the longest loaf of bread is 1,211.6 m (3,975 ft 0.69 in) and was achieved by Município de Vagos, Ferneto, Máquinas e Artigos Para a Indústria Alimentar, Lda. and Comissão de Festas de Vagos in Vagos (Portugal) during the Bread and Bakers’ Party on 10 July 2005. A continuous loaf was backed with 1,211.6 m length during 59:30 hours. The loaf was done according to the traditional Portuguese recipe as a single item. For each meter of bread the following ingredients were Continue reading →