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Smallest newspaper

The smallest newspaper is an edition of the newspaper Terra Nostra (Portugal) which measures 18.27 x 25.35 mm (0.72 x 0.99 in) and was achieved by Nova Gráfica (Portugal) in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal on 16 February 2012. The newspaper was measured on 16 February and was published on 20 February 2012. The small newspaper is the exact copy of the normal edition and 3,000 copies went on sale. The small newspaper weighed 1 g (0.04 oz)

Tallest Toilet Paper Tower in 30 seconds

The tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds is 16 rolls, achieved by Francisco Franco Pêgo (Portugal), in Coimbra, Portugal, on 16 March 2012. This record was broken on the Guinness World Record Challengers site (Challengers’ tag: Francisco ): http://challengers.guinnessworldrecords.com/challenges/107-tallest-toilet-paper-tower-in-30-seconds