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Farthest distance carrying a 10 lb brick non-stop (male)

The longest recorded distance walked while carrying a 4.5 kg (10 lb) brick in a nominated ungloved hand in an uncradled downward position is 129.347 km (80.37 miles) achieved by Paddy Doyle (UK) on the Monarch’s Way footpath in Warwickshire, UK, on 21 May 2009. Paddy started the walk/speed march at 2.30 am and finished over 18 hours later that evening.

Farthest distance waterskied blindfolded in one hour

The farthest distance waterskied blindfolded in one hour was 23.85 mi (38.38 km) by Steven Thiele (UK) in Anglesey, UK, on 9 April 2011. Thiele, who is also legally blind, waterskied a route beginning at the Menai Suspension Bridge and heading toward Puffin Island before returning back to the starting point. Thiele, blind since age 8, represented Great Britain multiple times as a youth at the World Disabled Water Ski Championships, winning six gold medals.

Farthest Dyno move in wall climbing – male

The farthest wall climbing Dyno move is 2.85 m (9.35 ft) and was achieved by Skyler Weekes (USA) at the Cliffhanger Festival held in Millhouses Park, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK, on 3 July 2010. Skyler broke the record during an active competition. A ‘Dyno’ is when climbers launch themselves from one set of handholds to a higher set of handholds with no intermediate holds in between.

Farthest flight by a commercial aircraft

A Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner flew 11,664 nautical miles (21,601.7 km or 13,422.7 miles) non-stop and without refuelling from Hong Kong to London, UK from 9 to 10 November 2005 in 22 hr 42 min, the longest flight ever by an unmodified commercial aircraft. The 777-200LR is powered by two General Electric GE90-115Bs, the world’s most powerful jet engines. The first aircraft were delivered to customer airlines early in 2006. In service, the 777-200LR can carry 301 passengers and baggage up to 9,420 nautical miles (17,445 Continue reading →

Fastest marathon in military desert uniform

The fastest marathon in military desert uniform is 3 hr 50 min 31 sec and was achieved by Jennifer Jenks (UK) at the Flora London Marathon 2009, in London, UK, on 26 April 2009. Jennifer wore standard UK desert military dress including shorts, vest and hat that would be worn in desert combat zones such as Iraq. She wore running shoes rather than military boots.

Fastest 10 m run by a guinea pig

The fastest 10 m (32.81 ft) by a guinea pig was achieved by Flash, who ran the distance in 8.81 seconds, in London, UK, on 27 July 2009. Record was attempted by ten guinea pigs throughout the day, individually, with Flash clocking the fastest time.